The FX-Direct Bank is one of the most popular Forex brokers generally gift. Many investors, it is already known from print and TV ads.
The broker covering its range of currency pairs traded almost full range of forex trading. Opening an account is free, as are the order and order execution.  It’s just – the subject of the offer, ask spread, which is always shown in real time during trading hours – as with all forex brokers. For private investors in FX Direct Bank is particularly suitable because of their margin rates. With 1.000 € € 100,000 use can be traded on the Forex market. The investor can choose among three different accounts, which differ in the number of currency pairs, in different levels and different dissemination minimum deposit amounts. With a minimum deposit of 4.000 € is easy on account of FX Direct Bank. Log in to FX Direct bank account and act as a professional in the market.