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In 1669 Sultan Mohammed IV Osman granted Dimitrij VII Dimitrevic’ recognition of His prerogatives as Head of the Name and Arms of the Rjurik Dynasty. The Sultan accorded Him the rank of Sovereign Bey and granted hospitality and protection to Him and to His Orders and cultural Institutions.

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Ordo Byzantinus Sancti Sepulchri:History

  ORDO BYANTINUS SANCTI SEPULCHRI [OBSS] is a sovereign, Dynastic Order of Chivalry which recalls the values of Christian Chivalry and forms part of the historical heritage of religious-chivalric Orders, particularly the Greek-Orthodox Order of the Holy Sepulchre, the first Order of the Byzantine Empire founded in theA.D. 325 by Constantine the Great, son of St. Helen. Constantine the Great[Weiterlesen…]

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